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The aim of the club is to promote safe and sustainable fell running in and around the West Midlands.

Time Trial 2021 results

Results for the 2021 running of the Time Trial are available here.
The full SI version is available here.

Cardington Cracker is back on

The Cardington Cracker is back on, on-line entries only from here.

Winter racing is here!

Please see on facebook or here details of races which have only recently been announced!

Cardington Cracker 2021 Cancelled

Cardington Cracker 2021 - Cancelled.

Breiddens Hill Race 2021 Results

Results for the 2021 running of the Breiddens Hill Race (with new improved route!) are available here.

Soth Mynd Tour Results

Results for the FRA championship round of the South Mynd Tour are available here.

Mercia Champs 2021

There has been a change in the qualifying rules, see here for the full information, but the changes are for U18 only 3 races required instead of 4 and for U23, V40, V50 and V60 only 5 races are required instead of 6.

South Mynd Tour race assessment

The South Mynd Tour race details have been updated to include a FRA race assessment matrix. Scroll to the end of the details to find the attachment.

2021 Fell Relays

This year's Fell Relays event is being hosted by Helm Hill on 16 October and appears to be going ahead with the following categories:
   Male and Female open, v40, v50, mixed (3 male & 3 female),
  and for the first time a v60 category which is mixed and can be comprised of any mix of male and female.
Click here for a link to the website

Ragleth Inn Race results 2021

Results for the 2021 running of the Ragleth Inn Fell Race are available here.